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Ireland has a number of distinctive strengths when it comes to lean, sustainable manufacturing – strengths that are needed in the new manufacturing era can make a difference to Ireland’s reputation for processing on an indigenous and international stage. These strengths need to be protected and further developed if Ireland is to continue to attract inward investment to manufacturing sectors.

Ireland has strengths in manufacturing related sectors, and in particular has an internationally renowned track record in regulated sectors. However, there tends to be a negative perception and lack of understanding of what manufacturing is like today – of the increased sophistication and complexity, and of the broad range of career options it offers.

Standing still is not an option. We can already see a shift toward increasing complexity with the convergence of sectors and technologies requiring multidisciplinary skills; the need for adaptive, flexible production processes to cater to increased customisation; the shift toward nano-scale; increased collaboration and the sharing of resources and broader networks across companies and countries. These changes offer significant opportunities for the future of manufacturing globally – and for Ireland.

The fact is that none of the sectors in which manufacturing firms operate is static. Even those that may be categorised as mature or traditional sectors are evolving in response to (sector specific) global drivers of change. New sub-sectors emerge and new opportunities arise at the blurring of the edges of well-established sectors. New methods, technologies and materials can have an impact on more traditional sectors.

Sustainable Processing visitor will include Energy Managers, EHS Managers and Operations Directors from all areas on manufacturing in Ireland. No other industry event will provide visitors with such a wide and varied selection of exhibitors, speakers and industry leaders openly discussing the importance of sustainability in Irish processing.


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