Future in…

A Sustainable Collaboration

Sustainable Processing Ireland will incorporate, 7th of December, the experience learned from hosting Future in Food Ireland, Future in Pharmaceuticals Ireland and ISO50001 Ireland for the last 3 years. From the knowledge gathered while hosting these three well established industry specific events, we now bring you Sustainable Processing Ireland.

We are pleased to be able to incorporate our network of experience under one roof, making Sustainable Processing Ireland one of Ireland’s largest business to business exhibition and conference!


untitled-design31Future in Food Ireland

Driven by the need for sustainability within the Irish food processing sector, this eventbrings together annually over 300 individuals responsible for energy efficiency andenvironmental policies within their organisation and facilities. Working closely over recent years with Bird Bia, the event attracts a delegate profile of; Energy Leads, EHS Managers, Operations Directors, Facility Managers, Production Managers, FD’s & MD’s.

Visit: www.futureinfood.ie


Future in Pharmaceuticals Ireland

untitled-design41Sustainability within the pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing sector has never been more important! For many years larger organisations have

been realising the fact that environmental policies and energy efficiencies within processing is directly related to the bottom line! Reducing energy costs, carbon footprint and waste during the process of pharmaceuticals can have a significant impact on the profitability of a facility.

Additionally, as pharmaceutical manufacturers and their clients supply chains becomes more and more entwined they find themselves under increased pressure to reduce their carbon footprint.

Recognised as the leading pharma event in Ireland, Future in Pharmaceuticals Ireland brings together annually over 350 individuals responsible for the energy, waste, water and environmental policies of their facilities.

Visit: www.futureinpharmaceuticals.ie


ISO50001 Ireland

untitled-design21ISO50001 Ireland will bring together delegates who are considering the transition to this International standard, but yet to make the journey. We have identified these companies through exhaustive research and considerable investment, making this event a must attend conference for any organisation working to achieve energy efficiency. In addition to the conference a small number of technology suppliers will be on hand to answer any technical questions our delegates and speakers may have.

The theme/profile of this event is simply to create an exchange of information between organisations who are about to make the transition to ISO50001 and companies who have already made the transition. Our speakers have been carefully selected based on their experiences and knowledge of this standard and are keen to network with delegates in an effort to develop the standard further within Ireland.

ISO50001 Ireland is driven by the necessity for energy efficiency in business and no other industry event has or will bring together such a high level of delegate and speaker line up as this conference.